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Activity Based Costing

Activity Based Costing

Duration of training: 2 Days

Training Delivery: Instructor-led

 This is a practical and hands on programme for managers on how cost and performance management systems can increase the profitability and performance of their organizations. It brings together knowledge and skills that modern cost management methods can provide.

The increasing demand from companies/organizations in understanding their services and products’ true cost and profitability has created a gap that the methodology of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is helping to close, providing top management with quality data that can support their operational decisions and strategic initiatives.

The ABC methodology is being used for several strategic initiatives: to calculate the true cost and profitability per customer, product, service, sales channel, etc.; to review and align the pricing strategy; to support product-mix optimization and SKU´s rationalization; measuring capacity; processes improvement; shared services costing control; etc. For that reason ABC is a fundamental management tool for strategy execution.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the programme is to provide the participants the understanding, knowledge, skills and more importantly an immediate application of all this at their workplace with

  • More accurate costing of products/services, customers, SKUs, distribution channels
  • A Better understanding  of overhead
  • A grasp of the Utility of  unit cost rather than just total cost
  • Knowledge that Integrates well with Six Sigma and other continuous improvement programs
  • An “eye” that makes waste visible and non-value added activities pronounced.
  • Information that supports performance management
  • An enabler for  costing of the processes, supply chains, and value streams
  • A programme that  mirrors the way work is done

Training Methodology

  • The training session will be conducted along workshop principles with introductory presentations by the programme leader that is followed by case study analysis and interactive worked examples.
  • Participants will be actively engaged, individually and as part of a group, in the preparation and presentation of balance sheet, liquidity and the analysis of other financial statements which will be taken from various industrial and service sector organizations.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases and problems for discussion within the programme: the programme leader has extensive experience of handling such problems and requests and can usefully blend participants’ requests seamlessly into the programme.

Who Should Attend?

This event is exclusively designed to provide valuable insights for CFOs, CEOs, CIOs, COOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, and Managers of:

– Management Control

– Profitability Analysis

– Product Costing

– Pricing Strategy

– Strategy Planning and Execution

– Business Development and Account Management

– Operational Management and Processes Optimization

This programme will be conducted in English. 

How to Register:

To reserve a seats for this course, call our sales team on [ +254 ] 718 001 207  or 705 287 552

In-house Training;

Organization wishing this course to be delivered in-house whether on-site or off-site, no matter the geographical location, do contact us detailing your inquiry on this form below.



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