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Assets, Liquidity, Management Training

Duration of training: 5 days

Training Delivery: Instructor-led

 Asset Liability Management (ALM) course deals with the management of a bank’s portfolio of assets and liabilities in order to maximize profitability and stockholders’ earnings over the long term, consistent with safety and liquidity considerations. ALM therefore addresses the responsibility of managing the acquisition and allocation of funds to ensure adequate liquidity, maximum profitability and minimizing risks. It includes reviewing recent and past performance of exposures as indicators to take up future activities. It also involves the assessment of the funding strategies, as a consideration that is required to be given to, both liquidity and return. Such exercise calls for monitoring the distribution of assets and liabilities in terms of volume, rates and mix. The review of budgets and earnings is generally the tool used for this purpose.

Thus the Asset-liability management (ALM) provides a macro-level framework and a sophisticated tool for modern risk management in banks.

Programme Objectives

The overall aim of the Asset and Liability Management training course is to provide focused, practical training in all the key methodologies employed in this important discipline. Asset and Liability Management course will cover all major approaches to the measurement and management of structural risk and hedging techniques. This is to enable participants to:-

  • Recognize the importance of planning to meet the liquidity needs: Making funds available at a competitive price when they are required is the first task of ALM. The task is to achieve a proper mix of funds by keeping the level of non-interest funds to the bare minimum, maximizing the allocation to high profits areas, while simultaneously ensuring availability of funds to meet all eventualities.
  • Understanding the maturity patterns of Assets and liabilities: Matching of assets and liabilities over different time bands and keeping a tag on their pricing and limiting the exposure to interest rate risk.
  • Managing and Controlling the rates received and paid to assets / liabilities to maximize the spread or the net interest income

Key Benefits

By attending this intensive, practical program, you will:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your current Asset and Liability Management process
  • Obtain practical hands-on experience of current best practice risk analysis techniques
  • Better understand strategic balance sheet management issues such as the impact of Basel III and the relevant International Accounting Standards requirements on ALM decision making
  • Understand the conflicts at the ALCO level in the application of both earnings and valuation methodologies to bank balance sheet management
  • Review symmetric and asymmetric hedging techniques and develop effective balance sheet hedging strategies

Training Methodology

The training session will be conducted along workshop principles with introductory presentations by the programme leader that would be followed by case study analysis and interactive worked examples.

Participants will be actively engaged, individually and as part of a group, in the preparation and presentation of the Financial Data.

Participants are also encouraged to bring their own cases and problems for discussion within the programme: the programme leader has extensive experience of handling such problems and requests and can usefully blend participants’ requests seamlessly into the programme.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those directly responsible for the management of assets, liabilities and capital in a Bank.
  • Bank Treasury Officials
  • Accounting and Finance Managers
  • Risk Managers and Risk Controllers
  • Legal and Compliance Officials
  • Professionals associated with Banking Institutions as treasury advisers.
  • Analysts whose role involves evaluating and identifying market and competitive trends in the Banking Industry

This programme will be conducted in English.

How to Register:

To reserve a seats for this course, call our sales team on [ +254 ] 718 001 207  or 705 287 552

In-house Training;

Organization wishing this course to be delivered in-house whether on-site or off-site, no matter the geographical location, do contact us detailing your inquiry on this form below.




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