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Strategic Finance for Non –Finance Executives Training

Duration of training: 3 Days

Training Delivery: Instructor-led

 This course is for managers who want to develop their commercial awareness, financial knowledge and strategic thinking capabilities, so that they can influence the direction of their business and deliver to their full potential to enable and provide the skills and insights to make sense of your company’s financial position and performance.

This course demonstrates how financial analysis, planning and control processes can be integrated into the competitive and corporate strategies of the business. Financial information systems and performance measures can be adapted in order to facilitate this. This course illustrates how.

Course Objectives

 An understanding of the balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow and statutory and management accounts

  • Learn to correctly employ key financial ratios to analyze your business
  • A practical definition of strategy
  • Analysis tools to examine the current environment and capabilities
  • Steps to devise a mission and vision statement
  • Recognition of the skills and resources needed to achieve the vision
  • Generation of appropriate strategic and tactical commercial objectives

 Training Methodology

The programme session will be conducted along workshop principles with introductory presentations by the programme leader.

The programme is practical and focused with each of the modules presented will include step-by step explanations and hands – on examples.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases and problems for discussion within the programme: the programme leader has extensive experience of handling such problems and requests and can usefully blend participants’ requests seamlessly into the programme.

 Who Should Attend?

  • Managers with responsibility for or involvement in the development or implementation of overall competitive strategy
  • Financial managers with a close involvement in a different functional area (e .g. marketing accountants)
  • Finance staff providing supporting information for strategic decisions

This programme will be conducted in English.

How to Register:

To reserve a seats for this course, call our sales team on [ +254 ] 718 001 207  or 705 287 552

In-house Training;

Organization wishing this course to be delivered in-house whether on-site or off-site, no matter the geographical location, do contact us detailing your inquiry on this form below.



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